NEW BMW E9X BATTERY CABLE OEM POSITIVE 9217031 M3 328i 335i 335xi 328xi 335is

$ 182.58

Brand new BMW battery cable for cars that had airbag deployed and now need it replaced.

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e90 SEDAN 2006-2011 325i 325xi 328i 328xi 330i 335i 335xi 335d M3
e92 COUPE 2007-2013 328i 328xi 335i 335xi M3

Part 61.12.9217031 (Battery cable (plus pole)) was found on the following vehicles:

E90: Details on E90
E90 323i Sedan
E90 325i Sedan
E90 325xi Sedan
E90 328i Sedan
E90 328xi Sedan
E90 330i Sedan
E90 330xi Sedan
E90 335i Sedan
E90 335xi Sedan
E90 M3 Sedan

E90N: Details on E90N
E90N 323i Sedan
E90N 328i Sedan
E90N 328xi Sedan
E90N 335d Sedan
E90N 335i Sedan
E90N 335xi Sedan
E90N M3 Sedan

E91: Details on E91
E91 325xi Touring
E91 328i Touring
E91 328xi Touring

E91N: Details on E91N
E91N 328i Touring
E91N 328xi Touring

E92: Details on E92
E92 328i Coupe
E92 328xi Coupe
E92 335i Coupe
E92 335xi Coupe
E92 M3 Coupe

E92N: Details on E92N
E92N 328i Coupe
E92N 328xi Coupe
E92N 335i Coupe
E92N 335is Coupe
E92N 335xi Coupe
E92N M3 Coupe


0 Parts Information 61129217031  Battery cable (plus pole)  
1 Parts Information 61126988974  Battery cable (plus pole)
2 Parts Information 61126938495  Battery cable (plus pole)